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Brown Water in the House

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It is alarming to see your tap water turning brown. As a property owner you aren’t sure if the water is poisonous and over all a health risk. There are several reasons as to why this could happen and usually it clears on its own. You can of course ask a professional like a plumber Woodbridge VA to help you with the discoloration problem.  

Brown Water

Most of the time brown water is because of rust in the pipes. These rust could be dislodged and that could turn the water a different color. You can do a couple of troubleshooting techniques and see if you can fix the problem yourself. You can try to let the water run for a couple of minutes and see if that cleared the water. You can also check if the brown water comes out in cold water or hot water.  

This is a crucial step as this could mean only two things. If the brown water comes out in cold water setting or tap water setting. The problem may be in the water pipes itself and that needs to be flushed out. If the problem occurs with the hot water setting the heater must have rust in it and the heater should be flushed out. You don’t need to be alarmed when this happens because you can most likely get it fixed.  

If the water stay muddy or brown after all the troubleshooting techniques it may be time to consult a professional. The professional can run the tests for you and locate where the problem is. In severe cases the local authority may be called as the problem could come from the city’s pipeline. Rusty or muddy waters aren’t poisonous but it might be safer for you if you don’t ingest it.  

You aren’t sure what is in the water so it might be a good idea to stay away from drinking it until it is deemed safe to drink. If you are wondering what makes the water in your house brown it may be from minerals or sediments that accumulated in the water or pipes. It could also be an over abundance of iron in the pipe or water source. It may have been disturbed and caused it to end up the way it is.   

It may be a little in convenient on your part but if this kind of things happen at least you’ll know what to do. You can always deal with the problem yourself and if that doesn’t work go to the professionals. You’ll be paying a small fee but at least you can avoid being stressed out trying to figure out what is happening to your water. As water is an important resources that we cannot live without it is important to take care of home inspection. Learn to conserve water and be responsible with your waste disposable. Involve yourself and know where it goes, you don’t have to worry about your rusty water anymore.  



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